OBSIDIAN SCRYING MIRROR, 2 inch Osbidian mirror set in Orgonite resin with clear crystal quartz and silver shavings

OBSIDIAN SCRYING MIRROR, 2 inch Osbidian mirror set in Orgonite resin with clear crystal quartz and silver shavings


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This Silverplate divination tool features a two inch OBSIDIAN SCRYING MIRROR permanently set in a bed of Orgonite resin containing clear Quartz crystals and silver shavings. The vintage hand mirror features our silverplate finish which adds sparkle and shine to your altar area.

This jewelry like showpiece has a wet look across the Orgonite and its shine enhances the reflections from the quartz and silver. OBSIDIAN is the preferred tool for scrying and is made from volcanic black glass.

Due to it's size this option has been popular with those who travel and easily fits in a large handbag and is very comfortable to hold in your hands for an extended period of time.

Some feedback from our wonderful customers:

"This mirror *sings* with energy. I took it with me on a ghost hunt and wow. Just wow."

"This is so beautiful! I'm so pleased to receive this! Super fast shipping and it even came with extra goodies!! Wow so thankful!!! I will be buying again and again!!"

"This piece is gorgeous! I could feel the energy coming off of it, & it is great. The care taken in the packaging of it, & the information given about how to work with, and care for this was evident. I look forward to shopping here again!"

Being Vintage with a distressed finish, there will be marks in the finish which gives it a wonderful authentic feel. We also have this design in a Gothic black-distressed silver finish so check out other listings in the Scrying section of our store for more options

Enjoy more Magick for Heart and Home

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Your Scrying Divination Set includes:

☆ The obsidian mirror face is 2 inches. This size of Vintage handheld mirror frame measures approximately 8 inches in length and the length of the head area is 4 inches.

☆ Digital Download for your Book of Shadows or Grimoire. These pre-instructions are about caring, cleaning and storing of your obsidian mirror.

☆ black velvet storage bag with drawstring ties. Remember, to protect the surface of your obsidian, do not place the mirror face down when storing and use our included storage bag to keep it from being scratched when not in use.

☆ a 4 ml sample spritz bottle of Purify & Cleanse mirror cleaner with a microfiber mirror-cleaning shammy;

☆ Detailed instructions on how to get started working with your obsidian mirror (this comes as a print off for your Book of Shadows or Grimoire and is mailed with your kit).

PHOTO NOTE: Candle, candleholder and Tarot card does not come with this listing. Those are photo props only.

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We offer OBSIDIAN OR BLACK GLASS MIRRORS. Check your listing to know which is which.

Our black scrying glass mirrors are generally made from vintage or antiques. This means they are 20+ years old and will show minor damage from wear and tear. Be sure to read each listing carefully to know what your mirror will truly look like.

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Obsidian mirrors are too thick too fit into compacts.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I provide the mirror and have you make it into a black mirror?

PERHAPS! Before we can commit, please send us a direct email with photos of the mirror. If we can convert, we will let you know and provide a price. The buyer is responsible for postage, separate from the customization quote.

NOTE: we no longer convert cosmetic compacts for clients. We cannot guarantee the safe removal of the mirror due to variable construction techniques by the manufacturer of the compact.

I love your Obsidian Orgonite mirrors but want something with different stones. What can you do for me?

We have done custom Obsidian Orgonite mirrors for customers who wanted their own stones, pearls or a different gemstone then we offer. It depends on what you are interested in doing and if we have mirror frames on hand. Please drop us a DM to discuss in full.


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